Technology and Quality

Technology and Quality

The Precision Oiler Pen is a high-quality product Made in Germany and does not contain any components of inferior metals. Therefore, it can perfectly handle not only neutral oils but also alkaline oils, for example Ballistol. This is not possible with oiler pens made from less precious metals which cause clumping and green coloration of such oils.

The mechanical parts for opening and closing the Oiler Penīs nozzle are manufactured in Germany with high-precision CNC-machines. The used materials have been carefully selected and thoroughly tested in close cooperation with manufacturers of different oils and lubricants.

In the final production stage every single Sommerhoff Oiler Pen is assembled and quality-inspected by our own employees.

The main components are milled from solid aluminum and show the same durability as the mechanical parts.

Here you can find selected specialist dealers offering our Precision Oiler Pen.

Please note:
All oilers of this kind operate without pump mechanisms using gravity as only force. Therefore, this particular type of oiler needs to be ventilated after approx. every 10 applications, depending on the filling level and reservoir size. Turn the reservoir lid once a quarter-turn to compensate for the vacuum caused by the missing (already used) amount of oil. You will notice when it is time. Then the drops leave the Oiler Penīs nozzle slower than before. This, on the other hand, is a sign for the sealing being absolutely leakproof.