Efficiency and Sustainability Less is More

Less is More

Too much oil often causes damage. Apart from wastage and corresponding environmental issues, too much oil is not desired or even harmful. A reason is that the parts to be lubricated often adjoin to others which should not or must not be touched by a lubricant. Examples are musical instruments, special electronic components, brakes, and bicycle rims. Some rubber cuffs or boots located close to mechanical parts or bearings must not get in contact with oil, because many types of oil affect plastic material. Another reason is that too much oil can be harmful or compromise functionality. Precision engineers, for example, know that oil, depending on its viscosity, can have extensive restraining effects on low mechanical forces. In all of these aforesaid cases the Precision Oiler Pen is the perfect choice. True to the motto: Less is more ? the dose is the key.

A drop saved is a drop earned

In the context of energy conservation using new technologies, nowadays the so called “rebound effect” is on everyone´s lips. This expression refers to the proven fact that new, energy saving technologies actually cause a higher consumption of energy than before their introduction. Modern combustion engines in cars consuming much less gas than older models are a popular example. The total usage of gas has increased because of added air conditioning, now electrically powered servo motors, and today´s particularly stronger engines in much bigger and heavier vehicles. Concerning the Precision Oiler Pen, there will be no “rebound-effect”. The oil and lubricant drops which are not spilled and do not need to be wiped off for sure make up a saving. ;-)

Environment and Mindset

Admittedly, we can all afford to spill some oil and simply wipe off the excess with a cloth. But just by doing so, worldwide several tons of oil unnecessarily end up unused in cloths or drain away into the ground. As a matter of fact, you will hardly change these facts using the Sommerhoff Precision Oiler Pen. But only because many people act amiss, we don´t have to do the same. A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step. These small measures are a first step towards change. Avoiding wastage and inconsiderate consumption of resources also show an attitude towards life which reflects in consuming locally produced food, a well-considered use of detergents and cleaning agents, utilizing products until the end of their lifespan, taking the bicycle for short distances instead of the car, or, as well, in using the oil-saving Sommerhoff Precision Oiler Pen.

Plastic waste in the oceans and on the globe

One of the biggest global environmental problems is plastic waste. Roughly 7 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every single year causing significant and long-term damage for flora and fauna. Plastic does not dissolve but splits into smaller and smaller particles. As a result, the oceans nowadays are completely contaminated by plastic micro particles. Fish confuse these particles with plankton and feed on it. Death from a plastic-filled stomach is the consequence. Recent measurements have shown that in some places sixty times more plastic particles than plankton can be found floating in the ocean. Bigger plastic parts are mistaken for food by seafowl. More and more of these animals die a slow and painful death and show up on the world´s beaches, their stomach often completely full of plastic. Here we are only able to make a small contribution and, instead of disposable plastic pens, offer a long-lasting oiler pen which is refillable and does not waste oil either. This cannot protect the globe from continuously increasing contamination by plastic. But everyone can make a small personal contribution – not only by using our refillable, oil-saving Precision Oiler Pen.